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Giving Information - Volunteer & Donations

Thank you for your interest in the Nikki Lee Atwell Foundation and its efforts.

Donations of any items, as large as furniture or small as jewelry and buttons, are welcome. They may be taken to the log cabin site behind Wilsonís Town and Country on Bayou Drive. We will make arrangements to pick up items as needed, if you can phone us ahead of time.

Volunteers are always needed to staff various events. Please contact the Foundation at 269-9079 or call Freda at 213-5015 about volunteering your time.

The Foundation is working through logistics to join with the non profit foundation Every Child Is Ours to provide unused clothing to Mexico, South Africa and areas of the United States where need has been identified, which has included New Orleans and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. We are seeking at least 4 businesses, churches or other local organizations that would be willing to pay the shipping to the designated areas. Each organization would be asked to pay for shipping one time per year with intended shipping dates every three months. If you are interested in this program we are supporting, please contact us, or Robbie Purdom at 269-8446.

If you would like to give your time or services or you have other ways to support, please email us or fill out the form in the left column so that we can be in contact with you.

Financial/monetary donations to the Scholarship Fund may be mailed directly to us at:

Nikki Atwell Foundation
P O Box 2133, Mtn. View, Arkansas 72560
tel: (870) 269-3815

You can also donate right now online via Paypal: