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Nikki Lee Atwell Memorial Scholarship Awards

  • 2004 Awardees
    -- Larah Henderson, MVHS and William Knapp, Rural Special ~ Senior Scholarships
    -- Gavin Stewart and Michael Williams ~ band camp tuitions in part or full
    -- Jennifer Wright ~ Marching Band Camp (Freshman at UCA from Mtn View), plus matching scholarship amounts donated from various individuals and businesses
    -- Jeremy Johnson ~ helped purchase a band instrument (Freshman at UCA from Independence Co)

  • 2003 Awardees
    -- Rachel Poole ~ attending Bates College in Maine with a major in Bio Ethics
    -- Trista Finnie ~ attending Art Institute in Texas, pursuing animation

"Angel Award" (Citizen of the Year from NLAF)

    The Foundation recognizes a Citizen of the Year that either lives in or serves one or all of the counties awarding them the "Angel Award."  In 2003, Judge Steven Choate of Heber Springs, serving the 16th judicial district which includes Stone, Izard and Independence County was awarded the honor.  Judge Choate had known Nikki for most of her life.  Both Judge Choate and Nikki held a high degree of respect and admiration for each other.  Judge Choate was the first elected Juvenile Judge serving the 16th district after the creation of the position in the early 90's.  He remains in the position and has continually served the youth and families of the area with the ideals and respect for people that often more dramatic and noticeable when absent in a courtroom than when present.  The Foundation is proud to have Judge Choate as their first recipient. 

    Nikki's "Granny Ima" (Cruse) passed away in August 2004 and was unable to receive the second year’s award.  Some years ago Nikki's cousin Sara Purdom Stumpenhaus had gathered together the women of the family to make a quilt.  The event taking place at Granny Ima's and with material on hand drew out the best and the worst of all during the three days of summer.  At the end of the three days a beautiful polyester multicolor quilt had been created that no one but Nikki and Granny seemed to really appreciate.  Offering that it was something that Nik could take to college became the perfect solution for its use.  Both Nikki and her Granny could always find the best in a situation, an event, a person and even a quilt.  The humanness and the beauty of people in being human were the shared heart of both Nikki and "Granny Ima." 

    Persons who would like to nominate someone for this October selection of "Angel Award" Citizen of the Year, please send the person's name and information (as to why you believe that they should receive this) to the Foundation by August 31st.

Attention Students! Have GENERAL scholarship questions? Wondering about "matching" programs? When a business or individual states they will give you a matching scholarship, check with us! If selected for one of our awards, we will provide a letter of intent for you to show the other program stating that we will match whatever you could get donated (up to $1,000). We also try to help you make the most out of other opportunitites out there. Perhaps we can help you determine other programs that you might be eligible for - we are here to help you!

To the community: Thank you all so very much. We started out in only Stone County, but with all your help, we have been able to expand into Independence. Your donations and efforts help us realize the dreams embodied in our Nikki and look forward to all that we may give in her spirit. We gratefully appreciate all your responses - keep it up!


SCHOLARSHIPS -- If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or know someone who you think should receive one, please contact us for more information or download and fill out the application (Word doc or webpage to print). We accept general applications year-round, for ages 10 and up. Scholarships may include requests for money for a wide variety of things. Examples are paying for dance lesson classes, transportation to an art class, and attending a performance at the theatre. Perhaps you have another idea of something that you would like to do and you need some money to accomplish it. We like to help, so please give us the chance to consider you for a scholarship and apply!

    Deadlines: General applications are accepted all year. However, the College scholarships (worth at least $500) have an application due date of APRIL 30th and interviews are to be held the following week. Your application may be submitted to NLAF by postal mail or email to submit1 AT You are also welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns.

OTHER AWARDS -- To nominate someone for the October selection of "Angel Award" Citizen of the Year, please send the person's name and information as to why you believe that they should receive this to the Foundation before August 31st.

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