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Commerce, Shopping & Trade
Tommy's Famous Pizza
This was Nikki's favorite place to eat in Mtn View.

This site connects you to hand crafted items and the hands that created them. Get wonderful items and help small independent artisans get better prices for their crafts.

Silver Insanity
This jewelry business is run by Holly, one of Nikki's friends in school.

Phillips' Photography
This is the website for the photography business by Nikki's mom, Freda.

Springs Bath House
Nikki liked to look and feel physically good. Her godfather, John Hames, also appreciates that humans need physical health. This bath house is located in South Dakota and offers various bath and body therapies (massage, mineral pool soaks, and much more). Read more about John and his community in the Hot Springs Star (this is a file to download).

The Book of Zines
This is one (of many) decent starting points or resources which are available for people who have no idea what a "zine" is. Zine creation was a unique and personal creative endeavor of Nikki's during her teen years - view Nikki's 1997 zine in our gallery.

Elegance & Culture
Batesville Community Theatre
Nikki certainly appreciated theatre and the arts, and Batesville offered a local opportunity for her.

North Arkansas Danse Theatre
This is the local dance troupe in which Nikki took ballet lessons, performed, and even taught. Her sister, Annie, and many friends continue participating. The youngest learners of 2002 were fond of their classes with Nikki teaching them because of her unique zest and approach.

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